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How to Buy from Auction

step Step 1 : Registration for Membership

Please register our membership at free of charge.
Please fill information in the member Register Form and then click on the submit button..

Step 2 : Deposit for bidding

When you decide to start bidding on cars from the auction, we ask you to place the deposit. The deposit is JPY 100,000- per car.
If car price would be under JPY 1,000,000-, the deposit is JPY 100,000.
If car price would be JPY 1,010,000~1,500,000-, the deposit is JPY 200,000.
If car price would be JPY 1,510,000~2,000,000-, the deposit is JPY 300,000.
If car price would be above JPY 2,010,000-, the deposit is JPY 500,000.
This deposit is refundable anytime before the bidding is succeeded.
*Bank charges on both side will be deducted.

Note: if for any reason you want to cancel an order even after the machine was bought, applies a fine of 85,000 yen.

Step 3 : Choose your favorite car

Choose your favorite car from stock list.

Step 4 : Bidding

After select your favorite vehicle, you can see full detail of the vehicle and you can submit bid of that vehicle by "Make Bid" form.
If you want to calculate FOB price of the vehicle you can use "Auction FOB Price Calculator".
If you want to send inquiry of that vehicle then please use inquiry form.

Successful bidding

Failed bidding

If the bidding is accepted, we will send you the invoice. If the bidding is not accepted, you can get your deposit back or use it for the next bidding.
Step 5 : Final payment

Please transfer full balance within 2 days from receiving the invoice.
Or if you want to use your deposit for the next bidding, Please transfer the invoice value.

Step 6 : Shipment

We will arrange the shipment on the earliest schedule.

Step 7 : Dispatching the documents

We will send the shipping documents via EMS or DHL.

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