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Car Parts - New and OEM

We can supply you with the new and OEM parts for any Japanese car. To send us inquiry, please find the data plate in your car, and record the information on it. If you send us the information on the car data plate, we will send a copy of the parts list for that car to you by e-mail in 48 hours. After you' ve confirmed the part(s) that you need, you can order the parts using the on-line order form. Payment for the parts must be made in advance. Please refer the How to Buy page for more details on ordering car parts.

Please click on below button for inquiries regarding car parts. We cannot take inquiries sent by e-mail. Before submitting, please confirm that all required fields are filled and all the input is correct.

It is our policy to send our reply within 48 hours, regardless of having the part you are looking for in stock or not in stock. We cannot reach you, if you dont fill your e-mail address corrctly. In case you do not receive a reply from us within 48 hours, please check your input and resend it.

Please refer to the car data plate (normally attached on a fire-wall in the engine compartment under the hood).
A typical location of the data plate and its appearance is as follows. Some motor car companies place the car data plate in a different location.

Car Parts Location       Car Parts Data Plate